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Registration Procedure


Start Online Submission

Click on “Apply Now!” and you will be redirected to the application form. You will be asked to fill out the form with your basic information.

Submit The Form

Enter your student’s information in the form, by accepting the policy, click on the register Button. It will take you to the next page for reviewing the form, then click finish. Your application is been successfully submitted.

Temporary admission number

Fathers Saudi ID or Iqama Number will be Temporary Admission number. Provide it to Registration counter

Advance Payment

An advance payment of the tuition fee of 2000 riyals is paid to implement the admission test and these fees are not refundable to those who passed the admission test. And recover in the event of failure to pass the test. The student must pass acceptance and personal interview tests.

Papers and Documents

 The guardian is obliged to deliver all papers and documents required to the registration department within the specified period.


You are notified of the test result within 48 hours of carrying out the test and the result is not given in time.

Signing of Registration contract

The signing of the registration contract and the attached file by the guardian, and the student does not enter the class before completing the signing of the contract.

Acceptance letter

If the student accepts, the guardian will be provided with the acceptance letter and list of required papers.


Paying the tuition fees for the first semester before the start of the study.

Registration Complete

Go to the accountant with Guardian ID, Accounting department will complete the registration.