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About Us


Dear Creative Stars International School
Parents and Students, It is a pleasure to
welcome you to Creative Stars International
School. The information contained in this
website is a valuable resource helping you,
the parents and guardians, better understand
daily life at Creative Stars. Please let us know if
there is anything we can help you with; our
goal is to support you and your children as
they strengthen their capacity for learning.The
Creative Stars Program is not always easy—
strengthening the brain takes time—but with
support, guidance, and commitment it is

Creative stars is a community that supports
encourages and welcomes students and
parents into the cognitive, academic and
social life of the school. We always welcome
your feedback and involvement. One way to
become more involved in the school is to
participate in our website. Please do not
hesitate to ask any staff member any
additional questions that you may have
regarding our school. We welcome your
feedback and encourage you to
communicate with us about it. We are looking
forward to another great year!

Our Mission

To provide a broad, balanced, differentiated
curriculum which addresses the children’s
social, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral
and cultural development. The school also
promotes empowerment, academic potential
and multicultural understanding to early


Our policy on teaching and learning defines
the features of effective teaching and
experience which are exploration,
investigation, rehearsing, repetition and
consolidation of children’s developing
knowledge, skills, understanding and
attitudes. The Excellent foundation will enable
the kindergarteners to become creative
critical thinkers, well-rounded individuals in an
ever increasingly; multicultural world while maintaining their identity and inherited

Key Of Success

Our children feel valued and safe, and
through offering array of opportunities to build
their self confidence and develop key
kindergartener skills we pave them to flourish
throughout both in their primary and
secondary education

Why to choose Creative Stars

– We Provide a Stimulating environment.
– Well equipped, fenced indoor and outdoor playgrounds.
– A fully equipped, bright and spacious classrooms.
– Monthly field trips and activities.
– Educational corners to develop sensory, auditory and visual
perception in children.


At creative stars we implement proven Montessori
methods to naturally guid children to become attentive,
curious, and self-directed in order to discover the actual
richness of the world that surrounds them. We help
children discover positive self-awareness as well as
strengthen their connections with others in the
environment giving them the ability to realise their fullest

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